sidescroller 2 player co-op beat 'em up, duh

selectable characters: secondaries are important to not be able to select in doubles, as in, Jason Todd IS Terry McGuiness, if you can play as both those characters at the same time(2-player, remember), the game becomes unreal, and it's not as rad, by a long shot

When he fights with Robin, Batman(Bruce Wayne) always uses the yellow sillhouette, to draw shots to himself, so just, use that outfit, maybe some blue? He iikes blue, for capes and cowels

the point of the game, is you can fight with any duo you want, so long as they aren't the same literal person

Batman only used the alias, Dick Grayson, but it was Bruce Wayne, so don't put Robin(Dick Grayson) in a Batman suit, ever at all, it doesn't happen, he's Robin, they were aging Batgirl, these immortals were, So Batman could stay young, if he pretended to be Dick Grayson, when he fought alongside Damian.

Barbara Gordon is evil, a horrid, horrid fucking monster, please don't put her in the game as a playable character, Catwoman is rad, and awesome, Batgirl is so fucking nasty


Batman(Bruce Wayne)

Robin(Dick Grayson), young(little kid, like 8?), bare legs, red green and yellow, messy hair

Robin(Jason Todd), young, bare legs, ==> Batman(beyond), this is a secondary selection for the same character, Terry McGuiness's Batman suit, sure, have fun?

Robin(Tim Drake), teen, pants, feature more red, in his suit, and maybe a black cape with yellow inseam ==> Nightwing(red robin costume) the real Nightwing, is a cape and cowl hero, and Superman became Dick Grayson, so don't fuck this up; it's Tim Drake's alter ego

Robin(Damian Wayne) young teen, more green than Tim's suit, black hood on his yellow inseem cape


there's no end, to how many boss fights and levels, you can make for this game, make THESE characters really rad, and then just make level after level after level, with, special boss fights?

Batman escalates when he needs to, so like, sure, fight insane robot enemies, and bust out the lightsabers... kay?


Grayson(yellow) very important that his is yellow

Todd(red) as Robin and as Batman(beyond)

Drake(blue?), blue as red robin Nightwing, too?



and then IF YOU WANT for special level super boss fights, everybody just, gets all rad, and stuff, and the levels are flying and power moves

Batman becomes Vegeta, shoulderless Saiyan Armor, Super Saiyan

Grayson becomes Superman, young, long mess hair, like a kid, but Superman, Gohan? Duh.

Todd becomes mirai Trunks, yup, the future one? Oh, he's Batman from the future too? go figure, so Trunks, get it? Super saiyan, capsule corp clothes? it'd be pretty cool, but it'd look better for him, to be, in his Batman beyond suit, without the mask, fighting as super saiyan Trunks?

Drake becomes kid trunks, or the great bandit, Trunks the Kid, diggit?