That he could be these surest sides in ours that this one world couldn't be so bad as all that was back before in ours so surely this was gone before that this was gone before, ours. This inside my living out to know about this grace, so set here in under God, this life, sung, black...

Robin (IV) Edit

Called the son of Bruce Wayne, for purposes you may yet to understand, or that there was this countenace, about them, as these ancient immortals surely could you set yourself to be in love, and know that forever n monogamy, was slavery.

Surely sewn, however, that after leaving the company of his mother supposed be, Damian came to Gotham, for this change in his lifestyle countenance, And that Talia ael Ghoul was not impressed, could be strange, for this young Roshi did find, the relief in Vegeta, that he'd been looking for.

That you could know these mantles were made their for forever children, and here so heard, was this black attempt not, but surest staging, to become Robin in no slight circumstance, and that he was cheating, usually, and that this was gone, before in ours, which is to say, he'd have to know why you thought his strength had to recede in these coming ages, or just look that way.

That King Arthur would replace the sword in the stone, and so seal up his kingdom, for decades at a time, he could fight one handed with a greatsword, for this was Hercules. He was child in yours to eyes, and should remain so, for there that Grayson had once twinnned himself with the sekaunt Robin, Jason Todd, that Damian was a brother to him in a diferent luight, and was always there to seek out that he could doppelganger him not, but be his real twin, in brotherhood, surely that they could share the same mother, was true, but that was never Talia, and surely, Hercules harken back to much greater challenges that you could know, but here, that this was his legacy, and that Batgirl believed Bruce Wayne dead, so Damian surely seized the name as an heir, a proper heil, so that Batman could BE Dick Grayson; a younger version of himself not, but his friend and brother, surely, that he could hate this course against us all, it was never Nightwing, or Superman who played this side of fates with these others and more to know about this once in ours before this battle surely ever done open in before these worlds, in hearing more. They were trying to age Batgirl, and make her believe in death, or rather, Barbara Gordon the batgirl, surely, and that he could change these courses in our planetsides, she has been killed in final fatality, and Damian is Robin beside his friends all, that could know about him.