There was verdant cause to ally yourself with Hellions, never once at all, but if you'd have to believe that I, Lex Luthor, would never wish for you to Find out, who in the planet, surely, could ever hurt, Superman, it was an easier measure to think you'd seek Luthor, obviously, above Darkseid. That they called me Alexander, is true, or that surely you could know that I am a god of fear, and that these worlds could have longer planets, and short ones, too, we'd have to venture that you really had a better part of faith for ours, by now, probably, and I could hardly take a better venture for yours I think, and, oh, you, you want me to talk about the dreamcoat, huh?

Alright, well here we go, now that Fred Savage, the frank savage is dead, that's, the savage freak fakechild Pharaoh, we can talk about it okay?? He enslaved Joseph, who as it turns out, is, beneath, reproach, so surely gross and sycophanaticallia, was gone, and he could better believe you, aren't an avatar my friend so you, don't even know about the ten knowings of the ten elements therein. Well, let's get started, one, skin ahead, embed a picture, haha, fooled you, I just don't remember what they are right now.

Child s play periodica elementa lantern corps by blackrocklegacies-dc11fo2

Okay, so yeah see, that's a real world situation and if you haven't figured it out yet, no, he wouldn't have cared about child's play periodica elementa exactly, in colorless skie for theirs, he would have, however, scalped children, for the aspect to display the color cool, on that sickening jacket of his, and like you'd wonder better, Who was my part of this allegiance, I was gone, from your hopes, or fears, but that this is, alive, with you, or where you could be, could we venture out, to take in you, this was Sinestro, for yours to have in my knowing? Surely you could venture that the yellow element was never called, Paralax, but Pulse, and there in what was, ah, that is to say, red itself, is not an evil, color? There are no evil colors I can't, really believe I have to actually say that to you. Cool, is a hidden color, or won't be, just so forever, but you see, that creator, Amelia, rewrote the universe, so that child, could be a thing, we could actually be, and somehow, in that new world, Superman appeared, with the first color for everyone, like he actually gives a damn now. You know?

Now, if you were still wondering about old Cobblepot, that's, Bilbo Baggins, you know, he's dead, in what we call, final, fatality, and that does mean, you can go back in time, and you won't find Sauron, that's Hal, asshole, ever at all,

and you won't find Darkseid, the pervert of wisdom and the most dangerous evil we've ever had exist, against God.