the Joker Edit

Here's falling to you in your single minded aspect of my terrible equation, but This time in sugar plum fairydumb, I could have to lie about a teeny weenie aspect of your investigation.

Who dares, tell a different sort of Joker story, where no one even gets made to laugh?

I'd have to say, it's rather unfunny of you to be doing this at all, let alone, to a fiend, like him!

See? hardly a worthwhile equation when you're in the MIDDLE OF IT!!

A sickening monster was here,

we broke ourselves, on the pain above,

but here was hellow, shallow, waters back in flames bathed and suffering into everlasting torment ant torture, so surely, was he this sicko freak, and alien, too, but there that he needed no bleach for his skin, in theirs ton know about you, he'd never liked clowns, or admired them anyway, and he'd

never have to tell you until the day he died, and something else began, that This joker was the bad one, or sure short the good one with a few laughs rubbing at your elbows over?

He hated, clowns; he thought they were cheap and sure, he was a monster but he knew how to talk to kids, and he kept thinking anyone

who needed that getup

for anything whatsoever, was a terrifying freak to behold,

so surely what if the point WAS to be the freak, and we could get your body gyrating all over and down the electric chair..